Lakshmi Prasanna in touch with her first husband

Manchu lakshmi, who is seen on ETV with her talk show these days, is back in news. It is reported that the married aunty is in touch with her first husband for some reason, which has to be probed a bit, yet. According to reliable sources, from October 2010, Manchu lakshmi’s first husband was trying to contact her desperately for a reason.

After constant pester from messages and phone calls, lakshmi Manchu at last agreed to converse with him on phone. From the past few days, she is said to be in touch with him, while in India and abroad. However, the reason for the meeting on phone is unknown yet and will be disclosed soon. Sources also claim that, almost 10 days ago, Lakshmi Prasanna met the man personally and the two had a discussion on certain issues for almost 1 hour.


It is a fact that Lakshmi Prasanna fell in love with a guy, whose named is withheld presently. She was studying in St. Francis College in Hyderabad, when her love story, elopement and marriage took place with a good looking guy. But for many reasons, her father Dr. Mohan Babu was against the marriage. As usual, he showed his villain instincts and separated the two lovers, after marriage. He somehow threatened the guy to divorce his daughter and set her abroad, on the name of higher education.

After almost 14-16 years (approximately) lakshmi Manchu is now in touch with her first husband. But the actual reason is still to be probed as Manchu lakshmi is acting smartly and keeping this thing as a secret & away from the media.